a bit of a change round

Heavens to murgatroyd!   More than a month has passed since I tapped away on my keyboard to you.  I have been a wee bit busy though, myself and my two sons have all swopped bedrooms and it has been like one of those little plastic games where you keep moving squares round to make up a picture, I feel like we have moved house!  My eldest has gone up into the attic when I used to reside and my youngest has left his tiny bedroom and gone into the eldest sons bedroom and I have gone into the tiny room – and Ilove it, it is a challenge fitting things in, but it is so cosy and seems to fit me better, plus I get the view over the garden, yeh!

August 09 073

This is the first time in ten years that I have had a window I could look out of, up in the attic I had to stand on tippy toes to see out.  So I wasted no time in dressing it up with a bit of lacy curtain from Ikea and a posy of flowers from the garden.

August 09 072

My bits and bobs have come down with me along with my favourite chest of drawers.  As you can see there is a little decoration to be done, but some of it will be very hard to cover up…..

August 09 078

In fact, I am not sure I will be able to paint over this bit.  Lawrie has been in this bedroom for ten years and this was done a long, long time ago, isn’t it sweet.  We have so enjoyed moving round, it has been exhausting, there has been so much stuff to sort through.  but it is great now we are finally in the rooms we wanted to be in, we can now take our time straightening out the details.  Dare I show you a photo of my dismantelled studio bedroom?

August 09 004

August 09 015





OhmyGod it looks awful,  we ended up with a huge number of bin bags filled to bursting to take to the dump and recycled loads of things to our local Emmaus shop, it all felt very cleansing and each night I fell into bed with a good positive tiredness and aching limbs, all well worth it.

Now then the moment you have been waiting for, my last post was my 100th and I promised a giveaway and asked where you like to go on holiday.  Lots of lovely people left lovely messages, it seems the south west, Cornwall and Devon is big favourite with most people, no surprise there, but other places were mentioned too, some that I knew and some that I didn’t.  Anyway, the main thing was to give someone one of my small paintings, so I asked Lawrie to pick a number between 1 and 26 and he said 17 which is …..

July 09 013

is Valerie at Acornmoon

tra laaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Many many thanks to everyone who left a message, I think I will do this again soon as it is so much fun.

I will now go and wrap up the little picture, and as soon as I have your contact details Valerie, it will be on its way to you. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer wherever you are, thank you for visiting.  Joy


7 responses to “a bit of a change round

  1. Thank you so much Joy, you have made my day.

    The little painting is quite lovely and bright and breezy, I have a little place for it already!

  2. Lucky Valerie! and lucky ginger cat having a lovely window sill with pretty curtains to rest on 🙂

    Well done tackling the big sort out.


  3. If you think you’ve got junk you should see my attic!!!! But I’m with you Joy – give me a view rather than space any day. Its a lovely window too. And Valerie – I bet she’s jumping up and down 🙂 lucky girl!

  4. Love the cat on your windowsill (I’m currently working on my husband to get him to agree to us having another one, we’ve been catless for over a year now!) and the graffitti is fantastic – could you just paint a frame round it?

  5. Lovely to see you back Joy and congrats to Valerie on winning that lovely painting. Your new bedroom has a lovely view out over your garden. You seem to have lovely views further away too. You must live in the countryside. Moving rooms in the house is always a trial but isn’t it nice when it is all done. Almost like having a new home.

    I agree with Anne above. Perhaps a circular or square frame for the graffiti to make a statement.

  6. Joy, I found you this morning through Valerie’s blog, and how lucky she is to be #17! (:

    I just thought I’d throw in that I love love love that sweet drawing on the wall by your son. I have the same type of little drawings, and even crude paintings that my now grown-up sons had drawn and painted as little guys. I still display them at home, and I dare say I could never paint over that masterpiece you have on your wall! A precious gift! If I were you, and ever had to move from that house, I’d likely actually cut that part of the wall out and take it with me! LOL Vicki

  7. What a marathon! Phew! I love the drawings on the wall…wonderful memories 🙂

    Great view of the garden too…like the kitty sitting there…real? or a puppet?

    I have cupboards to empty and then visit the charity shops…then I will know how you feel about freeing up space 🙂

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