a summer holiday

We have been away on our summer holiday to beautiful Pembrokeshire.  Myself and my eldest son had a lovely time, I relaxed and switched to holiday mode and Thomas took in all the local history, however my 15 year old son thought it was rubbish!  bless him.  I think he has finally grown out of holidays with mum in a caravan in a remote field, we had to do a trip to Haverfordwest for him to have some retail therapy. once he had a new computor game and a new dvd in his hand, status quo was restored and I carried on with my holiday!

August 09 109

We visited the very beautiful St Davids cathedral, apparently two  pilgrimages to St. Davids equaling one to Rome.   The cathedral is so special, nowhere in Britain is there a more ancient cathedral settlement and the architecture and decoration is just breathtaking.

August 09 200

There are wonderful medieval mericord carvings in the choir stall.

August 09 195August 09 198

These are flip down seats that the monks could perch their bottoms on whilst still looking as if they are standing up!




This chap was at the end of an arm rest.

August 09 197

Whilst wandering around the cathedral, Thomas discovered that graffiti is not a new thing, but also possibly he has been there before….

August 09 219

This was on the tomb of Bishop Henry Gower above which there were the most lovely faces.

August 09 214

I will leave you with a couple more views  before I move on.

August 09 208August 09 210

We went for drives exploring the unspoilt countryside, unfortunately I didn’t do as much walking as I would have liked due to aching knees!                 I loved this cottage that we came across, a pink roof, how about that!

August 09 130

We visited Aberiddy, where there is the ‘blue lagoon’ , an old quarry pit filled by the sea.   It seems that the favourite sport there is leaping off the ruins of the old quarry buildings into the water, not for the faint hearted!

August 09 112

Played with stones Andy Goldsworthy style.

August 09 121

On the last day though, I had my own little highlight.  I visited the cottage and studio of Jackie Morris, whose journal I have been following for a few years now.  Jackie is the hugely talented illustrator and author of truly beautiful children’s books and the owner of some quite famous ginger cats!  (who will soon be on the telly with a certain lady)  I was made so welcome and after being shown around the building site that is her cottage (regular readers of her journal will know what I mean)  we headed up to her studio with mugs of tea in hand.  Well, I think I was in seventh heaven,  There I was sat in the room that I had seen so often on  my computer screen, surrounded by wonderful artwork work in progress and paintings framed up.    Hares and polar bears ravens and owls were in every corner of the room.  Jackie was as lovely as her paintings and I came away with her new book and a cat calendar tucked under my arm, and my head spinning from all the visual delights that I had seen.  

August 09 280

If you don’t know Jackie’s work yet, I thoroughly recommend a visit over to her website and also to the ginger cats blog  where there is the most beautiful writing to be read, I had underestimated just how clever cats can be!

On our way home up north, we discovered some real little dragons.

August 09 256

Isn’t it lovely!   We saw 22 of these common lizards at the Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve along with clouds of dragonflies – marvellous!


One response to “a summer holiday

  1. Hi Joy, I have sent you an email but I must re-iterate what a lovely thing to visit Jackie in her home and studio..you lucky thing. I haven’t caught up with the goings on over at her place yet but they are next on my list. You seem to have had a wonderful time in Pembrokeshire. As I mentioned in my email I visited one day several years ago but couldn’t spend nearly enough time there and in that gorgeous cathedral due to the having to catch the ferry to Ireland later that day. I really enjoyed your photos. Perhaps I will return one day.

    I like the angel drawing and your mermaid is gorgeous – also that little peak of a very interesting painting in your studio. Perhaps we will see more of that when it is completed.

    A belated happy birthday to Lawrie too.

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