Ever since we returned from our holiday, it seems that the weather has taken a distinct turn towards autumn, the evenings have become a little chilly and we have had the fire on now and again, so lovely to feel that warmth.

August 09 278

When we were in Pembrokeshire we found a wonderful little antique shop which was crammed with so many fascinating and lovely things, I could have spent ages there and I couldn’t resist taking this photo of a part of the shop.

August 09 162

As I look at the photograph, I see things that I didn’t notice at the time, there was so many things in the shop!

When ever I go on holiday, I always take my sketchbook, some paints and a canvas or two, I think I would be lost without them.  Here is a little painting that I completed on holiday.

August 09 142

Obviously a bit of a sea theme going on!

August 09 147

August 09 148

August 09 149

August 09 150

To day being the first day of September is also my youngest sons birthday, and today he turned 16!  Oh my, that has gone so fast!   Blink and you can miss it.  So he goes back to school tomorrow as the oldest kid in the school!   He is also now the proud owner of his very own laptop, there have been some very heavy hints from him over the past few weeks and months and it seems it has paid off.    So he is a very happy chappy!

August 09 172

Happy birthday Lawrie!!


2 responses to “September

  1. Another lovely painting I see. The painting that you gave me has been much admired by our visitors.

  2. I love that shop too…so many treasures there…my house is full of ‘finds’ . My friends tell me I’m a frustrated Victorian!

    Love the painting…always exuding happy feelings 🙂

    Great present for the Birthday Boy 🙂

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