I am loving my new little workspace, it is tiny and getting a  bit cluttered.

August 09 292

I have cobbled together some shelves in the corner,  which also seem to be getting a little cluttered – oh well.

August 09 290

I love sitting there drawing, painting or just dreaming.   Angels have started appearing, one of my favourite subjects.

August 09 285

and Mitten is never far away doing what cats do best.

August 09 287


3 responses to “workspace

  1. I love the view from your window, and Mitten is a cutie, they like company, just to be near someone. Bob was my shadow, Lucy is a bit more of a free spirit!
    Angels-just in time for Christmas!

  2. Just shows what can be achieved in a small space. Great view from the window, cute cat too!

  3. It is always so interesting to see work spaces, especially creative ones.

    Your angel reminds me of the work of Eric Gill who I admire greatly.

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