the life of brian – the dog

A couple of days ago I visited a friend and met a new acquaintance in the shape of a beautiful greyhound, namely Brian.  I had heard about this new dog from my friend who had recently lost their old dog Lucy, also a greyhound but with lurcher in her.  Lucy was a sweet dog with such lovely eyes and such intelligence you thought she could read your mind.   My friends went for some weeks saying “no more dogs” and then “well, maybe a whippet would be nice” until I received the “we’ve got a dog” phonecall!  So on Friday I was summoned to meet ‘the dog’ who had been described as being very large, white and pink with no brains plus a Gaelic name no one could pronounce let alone remember.  Barely had I arrived than I was greeted by the most handsome greyhound I have ever seen,  white and pink he was not, but black and white with a lovely dappling between the patches of black and his face was just gorgeous, I think it was love at first sight! 

August 09 canon 198

He is so gentle and elegant and looks as though he should be in a medieval tapestry or stretched out infront of a huge yawning fireplace in a baronial hall.  Brian is a rescued greyhound and at only three years old and having failed to win races for his former owner, he found himself at a greyhound rescue centre, but now his life has turned around and he has got his second chance and I think he has definitely won this time, as he settles into family life with my friend.

August 09 canon 203

If you want to know more about greyhound rescue click on this link.

August 09 canon 190

Just need to add a picci of Mabel or she will be so jealous!

August 09 canon 117


6 responses to “the life of brian – the dog

  1. Brian is very handsome indeed! He looks as if he’s settled in and knows he’s going to get lots of love.

    … I’m tempted – but what would my studio assistants say?

    BTW Mabel is cute too.


  2. Brian is lovely Joy. From his profile I though he looked a bit collie/terrier but when he was splayed in front of the fire I could see he was greyhound. I wish him a lovely life with his new owners.

  3. Oh good old Brian, landed on his feet there. and Mabel, what a darling!

  4. Greyhounds are a very majestic breed, they have a head shape which is a little bit like a short haired Jack Russell, which is probably why I like them so much. He is indeed lucky to have found a good home, I am sure he will bring his owners much joy.
    Mabel looks very cute also.

  5. oooohhh!!!!!these dogs are sooo sweeet!!!!we also have three.

  6. I love the fact that Greyhound rescue has found its way around the globe! Brian is indeed a handsome fellow. I adore the black and white photos, esp the head shot of him.

    I must tell you we recently had a very sad incident in our dog park. A man was there with his Greyhound, also rescued, and a lady came in with her little Pomeranian pup. They Greyhound was off his leash, the pup was milling about her owner’s feet. The Greyhound came up to the pup and with one bite and shake, killed the poor thing. There was a lot of legal stuff to deal with but in the end the dog was NOT euthanized, thank goodness.
    People who rescue Greyhounds should know to keep them away from small pets that may resemble bunnies or kitties. They’re often trained with live ones. It’s cruel and outdated but it’s still done.
    I have worked in the veterinary field for 36 years and I know my animal behaviour. Greyhounds are not vicious creatures but they do remember what they’ve been taught.

    That poor man had to give up his dog, that devastated woman will never get that vision of her dead pup at her feet out of her head, and people will continue to raise and train Greyhounds in the same awful way and keep filling up the rescues.

    I applaud people who rescue these wonderful animals. There should be more training to warn them of the potential for accidents such as this one.

    Sorry to be a downer! I really meant this as a happy post for Brian 🙂

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