glueing and sticking

Sometimes, days just don’t go right,  sometimes it all gets a little tough out there.  Some open a bar of chocolate, some open a bottle of wine, and yes, some open both, I have been known to do this, but another thing I do is a little glueing and sticking of the papier mache variety.  I find ripping up pieces of newspaper into tiny, tiny strips and pasting them onto a form made of card, wire or screwed up paper is soooo satisfying, I just can not tell you how much. So it was the other day became one of ‘those’ days and I took my self up to my little room and got the glue and paper out and off I went.  Ages ago I made some little creatures…

creatures 23.05.08 008

The two smaller ones eventually sprouted wings and became quite colourful, it must have been their summer plumage!  I have been wanting to make more of these, so I set to.

August 09 canon 228

I decided to make one with wings and spent ages covering her with bits of newspaper, this is so relaxing and even better if there is a good play on the radio to listen to.

August 09 canon 231

I drew  a peaceful face as I was feeling so much more peaceful now.  Then I reached for my pen and paints, and the decorative part began.

August 09 canon 246

While I was on holiday recently I was lucky enough to meet up with Jackie Morris at her cottage.  Jackie’s beautiful paintings involve a good deal of gold leaf.  I told her how my late father used gold leaf in his work occasionally and that I have his burnishing tools still, which are beautiful things in their own right.  Jackie suggested that I have a go at gold leaf myself sometime.  So when  I returned  home I ordered a small book of  gold leaf, but then I was stumped as to what to do with it. It looked so gorgeous and so precious, I didn’t want to waste it, but then I looked at my little creature with wings and knew exactly what to do.

August 09 canon 236After I rubbed the gold leaf through the back of the transfer paper,  I gently lifted off the paper and was amazed by the dazzle of the gold that I saw,  it looks so beautiful, I really gasped when I saw it.

August 09 canon 241

Here it is along with Dad’s burnishing tools, which were so lovely to use.

August 09 canon 242

I enjoyed myself so much, What ever it was that had been bothering me, had faded into the background for the time being, which very felt good indeed.


15 responses to “glueing and sticking

  1. I am entranced by your little people Joy. So very sweet and how wonderful that the making took you out of yourself for a little while. I have never tried papier mache but would love to. Do you need to make a wire armature first and what glue do you use? The gold leaf is just the right touch. Jackie was doing some gold leaf work when I saw her at Waterperry. She seemed to be covering a huge area too. That looked very therapeutic in itself.

    • Hi Cathy I have been messing about with papier mache for some years now and love it. This particular little person is made with just card and paper, although I do sometimes use a wire armature. The glue is PVA, watered down very slightly to a single cream consistency (I have never had much success with the wallpaper paste method). I keep an old brush for pasting the glue, and when it is not in use I simply leave the brush in some water so that it does not go hard. In the past I have made small panels for painting on from card with layers of paper glued on, and I love the texture that the paper brings to the finished piece. The gold leaf was fromCornelissen in London via the internet, with Jackie’s advice I purchased transfer leaf as it is much easier to use than loose leaf which needs a real experts hand. The gold leaf was ‘glued’ with acrylic gold size. If you get some newspaper and scrunch it into a shape, then hold the shape in place with masking tape, then take small ripped pieces of newspaper and glue them all over the shape allowing each layer to dry, I tend to paste about three layers of newspaper on to a shape. once that is done, I use pens and acrylics to decorate the piece. Do have a go, you will find that time just dissappears! very best wishes Joy

  2. That little angel is just perfect – I love how the type is visible in the papier mache and the gold is a brilliant final touch. I use some of my Dad’s tools when I work in my studio (he was a joiner – lots of lovely measuring things) so I can feel how special it must have been working with those beautiful burnishers.


  3. Your little people are gorgeous.
    I love papier mache too, I don’t get to do it very often at the moment but agree it’s very relaxing.

  4. beautiful. And love the old tools too.

  5. Oh this is lovely! I bought some gold leaf ages ago, did not know how to use it so put it in a safe place, -forgot where the safe place was!

    I love old tools like that, truly precious.

  6. Oh I love them, very original and so Christmasy too!

  7. Oh, how wonderful 🙂

    Now you can suspend some from your Christmas tree…or use them as place-settings at Christmas…or post them to friends as little presents, made with love 🙂

  8. Okay, your little folks are so wonderfully wimsical. I amsolutely love the simple innocence of the faces and the creation itself. They made me smile the minute I say them. I just came across your blog and I love it. Please take a moment and visit mine.
    Thanks so much for sharing these little creatures with us all

  9. Those are really neat. At first I wondered if the words were from something special…like a certain book or whatnot…but I see they are newspaper strips. I think one made of sheet music would be cool…a caroler maybe?

    • Hi Many thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and when people come up with such great ideas, it is even better. I tend to use newspaper as it is so thin and absorbant, but the thought of making little angels with carol music sheets is very intriging and I will look into this. Off to visit your blog now : ) best wishes Joy

  10. These little angels are wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog. Best wishes. Lesley

  11. I’m thrilled that you happened by my place so I could see your work! I love love love the black and white illustrations! They look (esp the cottage and landscapes) like my uncle’s fine work, another artist in our family.
    I’m adding you to my favorites so I can stop by for inspiration now and then 😉

    I’m off to comment about Brian, that handsome fellow!
    Your name is in the hat for the raven envelope.

  12. Hi Jamjar

    I love your little angel with the little round face .
    I often read your blog to see if you have new small papier mache dolls .I just love them 🙂
    Have a nice day .


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