black and white

I have been sifting through old boxes and art folders and have come across some of my drawings that I did some years ago, thought I would share them with you…..

March 09 063


These two studies of flowers were done around the time I was staying with a friend at her Suffolk cottage.  A beautiful place tucked away in the depths of the countryside.

March 09 065


The flowers and herbs were picked in her garden and the jug was one that she made herself.

March 09 061


This view of pretty cottages was taken from a photograph that I took.    unfortunately I can’t remember where it was taken.

March 09 069


This is an imaginary landscape, that was eventually chosen by a friend to use on their business stationery.

March 09 066


This one was inspired by the town houses that I used to see while I was at college.

March 09 070


I seem to remember that I based this cottage window on a photograph I once saw in an old copy of Country Living.

March 09 068


This illustration came about after waking up to a wintery scene after it had snowed overnight.  Black and white illustration is something that I have always enjoyed doing and it was lovely to rediscover these pictures after so long, it makes me wonder what I am going to turn up next!


17 responses to “black and white

  1. These illustrations are beautiful, I like them because they are delicate looking.

    • Thank you so much lyn, I have just enlarged the images so they are easier to see. don’t know if you saw them before when they were quite a bit smaller. best wishes Joy

  2. Oh they remind me of Edward Ardizzone’s work. I loved storybooks with sensitive black line illustrations…


    • Hi Celia Gosh! What a wonderful compliment, I love Ardizzone’s work and for his name to be mentioned along side my work is something indeed. It is my ambition to illustrate a children’s book with just black and white illustrations, maybe one day….. best wishes Joy x

  3. Really lovely linework and they have such a nice, gentle atmosphere.

  4. Your artwork, as always, just takes my breath away. You have a touch that is so sweet and lyrical.

  5. Lovely drawings, so very accomplished. Black and white is hard to beat!

  6. As an amateur artist I LOVED looking at your work…thank you so much. I am inspired to get out my pastels and draw things again, instead of just doing my watercolours and my silk painting 🙂

    The last one creates a mood and tells a story all of its own…you are sooo talented, Joy 🙂

  7. Wow, these are so good Joy. Wonderful illustrations. I love the flowers at the top.

    • Hi Cathy Thank you soooo much , you have no idea how much your comments and everyone else’s comments mean to me. It gives me hope. best wishes Joy : )

  8. What an absolute delight to come across these wonderful illustrations! The last one reminds me of Posy Simmonds drawings – the figure is so perfectly animated. I’m sure there is a story to be told just based on the illustrations here…

    They make me want to go away and start drawing again after a break of many years (though I was never this talented). Can I ask what kind of pen you used?

  9. Your drawing style is very lively and spontaneous, at the same time well observed. I especailly like the jug of flowers.

  10. You are so talented Joy – I just adore your artwork. I love the 5×7 piece you did for the giveaway. Are you still selling your artworks on Etsy?

  11. Hi Joy
    I just love your artwork.. These gorgeous B&W sketches [the lady in the kitchen my favourite] and then all your lovely paintings below. What wonderful and generous use of colour! Fabulous!

    Thanks for popping over my way…

  12. I see you haven’t done a new psot here since I was last visiting…but it was worth a second visit just to savour your beautiful drawings once more… 🙂

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