Christmas, snow and sparkle ….

Snow is falling as I type this, how lovely and seasonal it feels.  It was -5 this morning and ice was on my bedroom window pane!

The tree is decorated ,

as is the dresser

and the mirror above the fire place.

Christmas, snow and sparkle, lovely!


4 responses to “Christmas, snow and sparkle ….

  1. Wow – how lovely to have a white Christmas with snow and a fireplace. Here in Australia we have a hot summers day forecast for the 25th. It would be so lovely to experience a northern hemisphere Christmas one day. Love your Christmas decorations – it all looks so pretty at your house.

    • It is lovely to have the snow before Christmas,and quite unusual for this area.It is snowing again today and I can’t get to work so am taking the time to catch up on writing Christmas cards.

  2. Wow what a great photo of the icy window! I too am sat watching the snow fall-going no where today!

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