Seem to have lost my blogging voice of late, too many things bothering me I think. I will give you some piccis instead.

Hare painted on wooden panel.

Sunshine greeted me this morning, very welcome!

Another painting on wooden panel. More paintings – love these wooden panels!

Things are waking up in the garden!

New inspiration board in the kitchen.

The daffodil bulbs that I bought in St Davids last year, are beginning to emerge!

Abandoned painting – for the time being.

Sometimes it snowed!

But today, the sun is shining –

and the bird in this tree is singing it’s little heart out!



10 responses to “Photos….

  1. Hi Joy. Nice to see you back again. That is the good thing about blogging. You can leave off and pick up whenever you like. I have put you down for the Sunshine Award on my blog but don’t worry about it if you have lots of other things going on. I know some people are not keen on awards and tags etc.

    How funny that we have both posted birds on nests. Great minds think alike. Your lady holding the bird is gorgeous. I am hoping to do rooks on a nest illustration if I can find the right reference material. I love birds on nests. Your hare is great too. I am doing a hare for my new drawing but mine is in pen and ink and more of an illustration. We obviously like the same things. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. The lady with the thrush’s nest is beautiful. I’m tempted by the wooden panels – I never feel comfortable painting on canvas.


  3. Beautiful pictures. I love your inspiration board too, great idea.

  4. I love the hare painting and also the lady holding the hare.

    How nice to see the sunshine.

  5. I love the “abandoned” painting! (Don’t abandon it for good.) It reminds me of St. Theresa, The Little Flower, holding a lovely hare. So nice!

  6. I love the warmth of your pictures, Joy. From what I hear, you ought to get a medal for surviving the winter over there. It’s been unusually cold here, but nothing like what you’ve had. My little black cat is siting in front of the screen as I type this.

  7. What a delightful place you have here. I have been through quite a few of your posts and think you make wonderful art. I wish, wish, wish, I could draw and paint, but despite investing time and money in materials, my ” pieces ” never amount to much.

    I wanted to also thank you for your kind comment on my blog this morning and to say that I am so pleased you left a message so I could follow you back to Jamjar.

  8. What a treat coming to your blog…so artistic, and appealing to me 🙂

    I love all that you do…there is atmosphere, beauty, tranquillity and colour…I love it all 🙂

    Keep up the good work…I do so enjoy coming here on my once-a-month visits 🙂

  9. Happy Easter to you 🙂

    I love the drawings, as always, even though I saw them last time. They are well worth a repeat visit. The photo of the snow is like a piece of art in itself 🙂

    Hope you are well…and busy with the artwork 🙂

  10. Hi – I saw your work on Flickr, so clicked on your blog link. I love the things you make – they have quite a magical quality, especially with symbols like the hare. I’ve been looking at the work of Julie Arkell and Edwina Bridgeman and I’m thinking about making dolls. Folk art attracts me, and your dolls are terrific. So individual. I need to get creative with my day off tomorrow!

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