A quick word

This is a very brief post, I am off to work soon but I wanted to say a big big thank you to all those who left comments on my last post, your support and kindness is very much appreciated.  Things have improved for the time being, I am on extra tablets and am waiting for a referral back to the hostpital.

I also wanted to share with you this picture…..

It is of the banner that is outside our local community hall.  The George Lawton Hall.  My town is hosting it’s first open art exhibition and has also invited artists from towns that we are twinned with in France and Germany.  Many artists studios are open over this weekend and music is performed in the hall.   The thing that I am chuffed about, is that the exhibition committee chose my painting to have on the banner and posters.  When I arrived on Friday morning to hang my work I managed to actually walk straight past that huge banner without noticing it!   I think my mind was running through it’s list of hammer, entry form, pencil, paintings.  Here is the painting close up.

It was painted for the 2010 Holmfirth Artweek exhibition in July.  Following this exhibition it will be going to live with a very good friend of mine, which is lovely as I will be able to visit it!!

Before I finish, I also wanted to  let you know that I now have a few items for sale in my Etsy shop.   If you have time, pop over and have a look.

Thank you again for reading my blog and sending your support, I am so grateful.  I will be back soon to tell you all about our new residents – the chickens!!!


4 responses to “A quick word

  1. So now everyone will be clammering for your art. It’s so exciting!!

    Check out the parkin over my way.

  2. Or clamoring. Oops

  3. Well done you! I remember this painting from one of your earlier posts. She is lovely, she has such a calm, wise and peaceful face.

    I was really sorry to read about your awful health problems and do hope that you are managing OK at the moment.

  4. I love the painting of the woman holding the chicken Joy. Really lovely and great publicity for you. Glad to hear your health is improving a bit now. I wish you good healing over the Christmas period.

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