December 1st

I noticed over at Purple podded Peas, Celia is putting a picture up each day for Advent, and I thought what a lovely idea.  It has been so long since I have posted regularly that maybe this will get me back in my blog groove!  So here we are – day 1 – Winter.

See you tomorow : )


3 responses to “December 1st

  1. Hi – hope you’re keeping warm inside.
    You have so much snow!!!!! Where I live we feel like an icy island slightly dusted with snow in the middle of a snowfield.

    Very fine dusty snow is falling now.

    Thinking of what to photograph for day two.

  2. What a lovely view. It doesn’t look real. Can I come sit at your window with a big mug of hot chocolate and just look for awhile?

  3. What a fabulous winter picture. I’m new to your blog but I’m a fan already. That piccie should be in a calendar. Good luck with the broadband it’s very frustrating.

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