December 2nd

The snow is still with us, it is -3 as I type.  The last few days have been an early fierce introduction to winter, with temperatures dropping and snow piling up at the windows, small birds are regularly visiting the fat balls that I have hung up and a blackbird is making quick work of stripping the rowen tree of berries.  Very pretty to look at, but oh so cold, especially when you have to walk to work!

One of the things that I do love about snow is that brief time between daylight and night-time, dusk, twilight.  The snow seems to glow through the dimness and along with the orange glow from street lights and uncurtained windows.  and the  hills that are unseen on moonless evenings, are there illuminated, looking bigger than ever, The landscape takes on a really special quality.

Hope you are warm where ever you are.

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3 responses to “December 2nd

  1. welcome back!
    it is so cold isn’t it, don’t think it will last till Christas though, which in some ways is good but i do like a white Christmas!

  2. Wow, such beautiful pics of the snow!

  3. Love all that snow and the glow of warm lights! Hope you get your broadband sorted.

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