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time to relax….

Earlier on I was thinking about my blog and what I wanted to say, sentences ran through my mind and before I knew it a whole post was formed in my mind.  Sadly however, I can’t remember a thing now!! rather like nipping upstairs and then wondering why I am there and what have I come for.   Anyhow, it has been a few weeks since I was last here.  I had said in my last post that too many things were bothering me, I guess I am a bit of a worrier, and stuff tends to pile up in my mind and before I know it, I am sinking beneath the weight of it all.   The thing is though something eventually gives, and my weak spot these days seems to be vertigo.  I have had this for years on and off, but now it has been embellished with tinnitus and deafness in my right ear.  Vertigo attacks are not pleasant and can be completely debilating.  I know they vary from person to person, in my case they tend to last at least 2 or more hours and tend to come in clusters, and that is what is happening now. My main thing to do is take the tablets (which I do) and RELAX, try not to worry (easier said than done!) and so on.  So thinking happy spring like thoughts, here is a show and tell of what I have been creating of late.

Made from wire, tinfoil, paper and glue, she emerged, and she waited patiently to be dressed. I juggled between a pretty check fabric from an old skirt of mine ….

to the charm and simplicity of plain calico with a touch of old lace.

completeing her outfit with a smart bonnet, here she is….

Having wire legs, she is able to sit on the edge of shelves.  I really enjoyed making her and just as when I am making papier mache items, I was able to totally focus on what I was doing and therefore relax!!  Hooray!  So I launched into my next doll, a cloth one this time, I sketched a small drawing of what I had in mind…..

I wanted the doll it’s self to be decorated and not dressed in the conventional sense.  So I penciled an outline on some calico (I understand that this is called muslin in some countries) and after cutting out all the pieces, I carefully handstitched the seams with teeny tiny stiches.  I could have used my sewing machine, but I was finding a calm in the gentle quiet of stitching and did not want a noisy fast whizz on the machine to interrupt the flow.  After turning everything inside out, she was stuffed firmly, this is great for doing whist watching the telly, you dont have to concentrate too much.  Then the painting began….

Sorry for the rubbish photo, it was taken late at night with the aid of a table lamp!!

Last night, I finsihed her arms….

This was done while I watching a fascinating programme about the recently discovered Staffordshire Hoard. Can you tell I like making things while I’m watching the telly!!  After much sewing, painting and pricking of thumb with very sharp needle, here she is …..

The one difference to the original drawing is that she is wihout hair,  maybe the next one will get the gorgeous plant dyed fleece that I bought recently from Etsy.  Needless to say there are now two or three more dolls in the pipeline!!

Thank you to all who having been popping in to my blog and emailing to see if I am okay.  I am very grateful and appreciate all your comments. xxx