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I have moved!!!

Jamjar has moved,  find me here:


blog interuptus!!!!

Just when I decide to begin blogging again and take part in a daily advent blog, our broadband goes down, grrrrr!  Not sure when it will be up and running, we have been told it could take a few days, sigh!  So bear with me and hopefully I will be back soon posting Chrissmasy related piccis soon.

bye for now : )

December 2nd

The snow is still with us, it is -3 as I type.  The last few days have been an early fierce introduction to winter, with temperatures dropping and snow piling up at the windows, small birds are regularly visiting the fat balls that I have hung up and a blackbird is making quick work of stripping the rowen tree of berries.  Very pretty to look at, but oh so cold, especially when you have to walk to work!

One of the things that I do love about snow is that brief time between daylight and night-time, dusk, twilight.  The snow seems to glow through the dimness and along with the orange glow from street lights and uncurtained windows.  and the  hills that are unseen on moonless evenings, are there illuminated, looking bigger than ever, The landscape takes on a really special quality.

Hope you are warm where ever you are.

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December 1st

I noticed over at Purple podded Peas, Celia is putting a picture up each day for Advent, and I thought what a lovely idea.  It has been so long since I have posted regularly that maybe this will get me back in my blog groove!  So here we are – day 1 – Winter.

See you tomorow : )

A quick word

This is a very brief post, I am off to work soon but I wanted to say a big big thank you to all those who left comments on my last post, your support and kindness is very much appreciated.  Things have improved for the time being, I am on extra tablets and am waiting for a referral back to the hostpital.

I also wanted to share with you this picture…..

It is of the banner that is outside our local community hall.  The George Lawton Hall.  My town is hosting it’s first open art exhibition and has also invited artists from towns that we are twinned with in France and Germany.  Many artists studios are open over this weekend and music is performed in the hall.   The thing that I am chuffed about, is that the exhibition committee chose my painting to have on the banner and posters.  When I arrived on Friday morning to hang my work I managed to actually walk straight past that huge banner without noticing it!   I think my mind was running through it’s list of hammer, entry form, pencil, paintings.  Here is the painting close up.

It was painted for the 2010 Holmfirth Artweek exhibition in July.  Following this exhibition it will be going to live with a very good friend of mine, which is lovely as I will be able to visit it!!

Before I finish, I also wanted to  let you know that I now have a few items for sale in my Etsy shop.   If you have time, pop over and have a look.

Thank you again for reading my blog and sending your support, I am so grateful.  I will be back soon to tell you all about our new residents – the chickens!!!


Seem to have lost my blogging voice of late, too many things bothering me I think. I will give you some piccis instead.

Hare painted on wooden panel.

Sunshine greeted me this morning, very welcome!

Another painting on wooden panel. More paintings – love these wooden panels!

Things are waking up in the garden!

New inspiration board in the kitchen.

The daffodil bulbs that I bought in St Davids last year, are beginning to emerge!

Abandoned painting – for the time being.

Sometimes it snowed!

But today, the sun is shining –

and the bird in this tree is singing it’s little heart out!


Happy New Year!

I don’t think I can remember a more wintery seasonal Christmas holiday than this has been weather wise.  Since the 19th December we have had snow on the ground here, apart from a couple of days just before new year when the garden returned to grass and twig, we have seen snow fall upon snow upon snow.

Journeys to work have been interesting and picturesque.

through spectactular scenery and snowy villages.

That was a few days ago, and since then it has snowed

and snowed

and snowed

It was a cold walk to the local shops today where we found milk and bread had already sold out,  children were being pulled along on toboggans with bags of shopping and there was a population explosion of snowmen.

Back home from our treck to the shops and the snow still came down.  This evening the snow eventually stopped for the time being.

It looks so magical from here where we are warm and cosy,  but do take care if you are out in it.

Happy New Year to all. xxx