Seem to have lost my blogging voice of late, too many things bothering me I think. I will give you some piccis instead.

Hare painted on wooden panel.

Sunshine greeted me this morning, very welcome!

Another painting on wooden panel. More paintings – love these wooden panels!

Things are waking up in the garden!

New inspiration board in the kitchen.

The daffodil bulbs that I bought in St Davids last year, are beginning to emerge!

Abandoned painting – for the time being.

Sometimes it snowed!

But today, the sun is shining –

and the bird in this tree is singing it’s little heart out!



Happy New Year!

I don’t think I can remember a more wintery seasonal Christmas holiday than this has been weather wise.  Since the 19th December we have had snow on the ground here, apart from a couple of days just before new year when the garden returned to grass and twig, we have seen snow fall upon snow upon snow.

Journeys to work have been interesting and picturesque.

through spectactular scenery and snowy villages.

That was a few days ago, and since then it has snowed

and snowed

and snowed

It was a cold walk to the local shops today where we found milk and bread had already sold out,  children were being pulled along on toboggans with bags of shopping and there was a population explosion of snowmen.

Back home from our treck to the shops and the snow still came down.  This evening the snow eventually stopped for the time being.

It looks so magical from here where we are warm and cosy,  but do take care if you are out in it.

Happy New Year to all. xxx

conversations with a snowman

made by Thomas age 24 years 11 months.

mid winter

21st December

the shortest day

dawned bright

with the bluest of skies upon a winter wonderland.

and lit up corners of  my home.

Happy Solstice everyone.

my snow day….

Yesterday at work was a busy, but very enjoyable day, it was our annual Christmas wreath making workshop.   Holly and ivy had been collected and willow had been cut, and with a little guidence,  our visitors were able to make their very own christmas wreath to take home and hang on their front doors.

for four hours, hands were busy winding willow, holly and ivy, raffia and ribbon into lovely decorations.  Carols were sung and wonderfully, snow began to fall.

The snow was like sharp needle crystals.

on the maze it looked like spiders webs.

That was yesterday,  over night the snow fell on and off and by morning it was clear I would not be able to get my little car out of my steep street.  An unexpected snow day!  A day for watching the flakes fall,  feeding the birds in the garden and of cause recording the day.

my summer house became a winter house!

Sleighing was taking place on the park at the end of my garden,

and I got to hang the wreath that I made yesterday on my front door.

Time for hot chocolate, hope you are all snug and warm where ever you are.

Christmas, snow and sparkle ….

Snow is falling as I type this, how lovely and seasonal it feels.  It was -5 this morning and ice was on my bedroom window pane!

The tree is decorated ,

as is the dresser

and the mirror above the fire place.

Christmas, snow and sparkle, lovely!


times passes by and then all of a sudden you realise that is is weeks, nay months since you have spoken to friends, friends who were so sweet as to take the time to leave wonderful comments on old black and white drawings, comments that made my heart swell and smiles came to my lips. I am sorry that I have negleted you, but I have not forgotton you.  Life has just sort of taken over recently and it has not put me in the frame of mind for chatting, but I am trying to shake it off now, and look towards the festive season.

There has been a little painting taking place in the evenings….

when the day quietens downs and the curtains are drawn against the dark night,

I sit down and open my pallet of colours and find a brush and small canvas,

and one by one

angels have appeared and calmed my mind.  I had hoped to put these in my Etsy shop in good time for Christmas, but I am now wondering whether to leave it until the new year, as time seems to be running away and I am still tweeking them now and again.  Christmas seems to be creeping up quite fast now,  A huge (for us) Christmas tree arrived yesterday and is standing in the corner of the room waiting for adornment, it smells wonderful, of pine resin and forest,

I could almost imagine a little red squirrel appearing from within the branches.  Can you see – it even has fir cones on it, magical!  Speaking of forests, this is another creature that is in the process of appearing on a canvas….

Thank you to all those who left such wonderful comments on my last post, they all meant so much to me,  I would love to find my way back into illustration, at the moment it all seems a way off, but hopefully one day ….