comfy feet

 Whats the best thing I have bought in ages ….


I love my crocs!  they are soooo comfy.  See that scratch on my left foot,  that was done by that little villian of a kitten, Mitten!  He has taken to creeping under my duvet during the night, which is sweet company, as long as he does not lash out at some point in the night because I move in the wrong direction.


9 responses to “comfy feet

  1. I do love those Croc’s, I think I realy do need some. 🙂

  2. You know, I have wanted a pair of those for so long! I think maybe I’ll go treat myself. Everyone says they feel wonderful!

  3. Oh sweet charming tender dear enchanting kittens… right up to the minute that sink a claw in an ankle in the middle of the night. Yowzer!!!

    And the Crocs — wicked cute. Nice color choice.

  4. I love my crocs, I have bright pink ones, turquoise ones and sage green ones. I’ve walked and walked in them too…..some may think they are ugly but I think they are fabu!

  5. They look comfy – but perhaps boots would be better protection from your kitten’s claws!!!

  6. Haven’t managed to remove my Crocs since buying them 2 weeks ago, apart from at bedtime.
    I scared the crap out of the sales assistant when I tried them on and exclaimed ‘Sweet Mother of all that is good and pure: NOW I understand!’
    Good luck in taming your tiger…

  7. I have light blue crocs and I do love them too!
    They are my flea market shoes because they are so, so comfortable. Like walking on clouds…

  8. I have the exact same shoes and they are my veryvery favorite. Like walking on pancakes.

  9. G’day Joy … Tag you’re it.

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